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Definitely not the stock tooltips and I've got several that modify it. I can rule out a few b/c it existed before I started using them. (This isn't something new, it's been around for...late Vanilla/early BC I think, I've just gotten fed up with it)

I'm pretty sure (99.999%) it's caused by an addon but it's so bloody intermittent that turning off this or that addon doesn't tell me anything. I've had it happen 5 times to day, 0 times the last two days, once the day before that...

As it's addon-data that's getting occluded, if I don't run those addons, how do I know if it's happening or not? so there's that little annoyance. Most of the data is from Pawn, which is the only one that I've run long more-or-less as long as I've seen this crop up; however, I know of no one else using Pawn reporting the problem, so it's got to be something unique to the combination of addons I use. As I said, though, as it can be several days (or longer) between flareups, I can't get any negative data in then amount of time before I go bonkers for not having the addons -- and, yes, the alpha is killing me in that regard.
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