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Originally Posted by Ammako View Post

I don't think there would be much overhead in running that function on gametooltip show to automatically correct the error and effectively never see it.
Never bake a hack is why I think it's ill-advised.

Any time you don't know the source or cause of a problem, the corrective code is pretty-much a defacto hack. It's not good to make hacks seamless, the two biggest reasons of which are equally "forgotten problems are never fixed" and "you likely cover up errors that may help diagnose the underlying problem." And where you have to make them real-time seamless, the code should denote them with as much fan-fair as the Second Coming. (Not to mention that when code is around long enough, the baked-in hacks build up and are either obviated or interfere with other code or other hacks, leading to bugs, performance issues, and the dreaded 'timing problem')

If I ever do find the source of this silly behavior and it's something Blizzard doesn't let me reach, and conditionless brute-force scanning seems to be the only answer, doing it automatically (when > 6 lines) wouldn't be a terrible workaround, if it was coming up numerous times within a session. I, personally, don't encounter it enough to feel the need for it to actively scan even if it is ultimately determined the 'most logical workaround.'
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