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Thanks for your replies.

I guess I have to go for scanning the tooltip then.
But more questions arise. Maybe you can help me again?

What I am working on is an addon that will color the item icons of all recipes red, if the player character does not fulfill the required skill level to learn it.


1.) How can I get the current player skill level for a profession? How can I differentiate between the different expansions?

2.) When I scan the recipe tooltip, ITEM_MIN_SKILL = "Requires %s (%d)" seems to be the right global to scan for (thanks @MuffinManKen). But when I want to know what expansion it is about, I would need the globals for the expansion names (Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria, Legion, Zandalari/Kul Tiras) as well, right? What would these globals be?

Thanks again!
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