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Originally Posted by Nimhfree View Post
Blizzard has the values EXPANSION_NAME0 through EXPANSION_NAME7 at the moment.
Thanks for the hint! But these values apparently include the actual expansion names:

0 "Classic"
1 "The Burning Crusade"
2 "Wrath of the Lich King"
3 "Cataclysm"
4 "Mist of Pandaria"
5 "Warlords of Draenor"
6 "Legion"
7 "Battle for Azeroth"
However, when I want to know what expansion skill bar a recipe belongs to by scanning the recipe's tooltip, I would need the localised versions of:

0 ""
1 "Outland"
2 "Northrend"
3 "Cataclysm"
4 "Pandaria"
5 "Draenor"
6 "Legion"
7 (Horde) "Zandalari"
7 (Alliance) "Kul Tiras"
Any idea where I could find these?

But it is getting more complicated. See e.g. the follwing tooltip line in different languages:

English:  Requires Outland Jewelcrafting (25)
German:   Benötigt Juwelierskunst der Scherbenwelt (25)
Spanish:  Requiere Joyería de Terrallende (25)
Italian:  Richiede Oreficeria delle Terre Esterne (25)
Frensh:   Joaillerie de l’Outreterre (25) requis
The problem is that the profession name and the expansion name appear in different orders.
ITEM_MIN_SKILL = "Requires %s (%d)" only has one placeholder %s for both. So even if I knew the localised version of the profession and expansion names, I would still have to trial and error in which order they occur, right?

Or is there a way that does not require scanning the tooltip?

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