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That actually sounds easier than trying to figure out how to do it the less cumbersome way. You can always change how it finds out the info when you figure out a way to do it, if any.

And yes, with Burning Crusade I can see the problem and it further enforces the decision to use the color value of the text.

Although, I just noticed something on RecipeInfo function returns. Maybe the recipe is disabled if it is unlearnable by the player. Also, categoryID, if you haven't checked already, may be the expansion it is for. The learned value to see if it is already learned, obviously. Just a thought.

categoryID	Number	ID of the category the recipe belongs to.
craftable	Boolean	Indicates if the recipe can be crafted.
difficulty	String	"trivial", "easy", "optimal", or "medium"
disabled	Boolean	Indicates if the recipe is disabled.
favorite	Boolean	Indicates if the recipe is marked as a favorite.
hiddenUnlessLearned	Boolean	Indicates if the recipe should be hidden if it has yet to be learned.
icon	Number	ID of the recipe's icon.
learned	Boolean	Indicates if the character has learned the recipe.
name	String	Name of the recipe.
nextRecipeID	Number	ID of next recipe in the list.
numAvailable	Number	The number that can be created with the available reagents.
numIndents	Number	Number of indents when displaying under categories.
numSkillUps	Number	The number of skillups from creating the recipe.
previousRecipeID	Number	ID of the previous recipe in the list.
recipeID	Number	ID of the recipe.
sourceType	Number	Source of the recipe.
type	String	Type of recipe
alternateVerb	String	Alternate verb used for the recipe (such as enchants, or engineering tinkers)
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