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I figured it out without involving the MinimapCluster.

For those interested I adjusted how I wanted the bars to look before changing the Parent. I changed the right bar layout, then the left bar layout. I then attached the right bar to the parent and adjusted it and adjusted the left bar from the right bar to make it go where I wanted.

Lua Code:
  1. MultiBarLeftButton4: ClearAllPoints()
  2.     MultiBarLeftButton4: SetPoint("CENTER",MultiBarLeftButton1,"RIGHT",24,0) MultiBarLeftButton4.SetPoint = function() end
  3.     MultiBarLeftButton7: ClearAllPoints()
  4.     MultiBarLeftButton7: SetPoint("CENTER", MultiBarLeftButton4,"RIGHT",24,0) MultiBarLeftButton7.SetPoint = function() end
  5.     MultiBarLeftButton10: ClearAllPoints()
  6.     MultiBarLeftButton10: SetPoint("CENTER", MultiBarLeftButton7,"RIGHT",24,0) MultiBarLeftButton10.SetPoint = function() end
  10.     MultiBarRightButton4: ClearAllPoints()
  11.     MultiBarRightButton4: SetPoint("CENTER",MultiBarRightButton1,"LEFT",-24,0) MultiBarRightButton4.SetPoint = function() end
  12.     MultiBarRightButton7: ClearAllPoints()
  13.     MultiBarRightButton7: SetPoint("CENTER",MultiBarRightButton4,"LEFT",-24,0) MultiBarRightButton7.SetPoint = function() end
  14.     MultiBarRightButton10: ClearAllPoints()
  15.     MultiBarRightButton10: SetPoint("CENTER",MultiBarRightButton7,"LEFT",-24,0) MultiBarRightButton10.SetPoint = function() end
  18.     MultiBarRight:SetParent(MainMenuBarArtFrame)
  19.     MultiBarLeft:SetParent(MainMenuBarArtFrame)
  20.     MultiBarLeft: ClearAllPoints()
  21.     MultiBarRight: ClearAllPoints()
  22.     MultiBarRight: SetPoint("CENTER",ActionButton11,"LEFT",-24,-231) MultiBarRight.SetPoint = function() end
  23.     MultiBarLeft: SetPoint("CENTER",MultiBarRightButton1,"RIGHT",485,-221) MultiBarLeft.SetPoint = function() end

View of what it looks like: https://gyazo.com/3bf4aa9de13a64212996dd0a3f1c8c4f

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