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wee... a whole thread dedicated to an insane idea...

ok... I am a profesional developer for a large telecom company... so sadly... i know alot about this... but not alot at the same time. I am currently in the loadtest portion of the development life cycle...

first thing you will need a "leader" or a group of leaders... small group.
This is important becasue you need a central point of authority, controll, and accountability.
Management experiance is a must here. This (these) people don't need to do the testing, but manage and audit the results of the testing. There is going to be alot of subjective results flowing past, and the manager or leader will need to make sure that more than one tester does the testing of each... to confirm results

controlling the envinronment. Testing will need to be done in a controlled fashion. a mod needs to be tested in a vacume... and with other mods to see if it stomps on anything. They key is to find what the mod does... test it... then run it at the same time as other mods to find conflicts.

third... reports and data
a stndardized report will need to be made so the testers can easily gather the data... and to help guide them on what data to gather. then displaying and formating the results would be the job of the leader or manager... showing what was tested for each mod... and what mods it was tested with at the same time

little lessons i have learned the hard way
the pc and mac client are different... test on both. Multi Assist did not work in the mac client at first until the 1.7.0 patch

the different localizations can behave different... not just translations... cure poison is rank "" (blank) on an enlgish client... and "Rang 1" on a german client

the wierdest conflicts can happen due to lazy programers and global variables... two mods that should not int he least way ever touch each other can conflic due to the way lua handles names and scope... never assume two things won't conflict

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