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Originally Posted by Quu
wee... a whole thread dedicated to an insane idea...
Well, what makes it such an insane idea? If folks are willing, then there's no reason why we can't at least work towards it. Sure, we're talking volunteers, not a professional, paid, group of people, but still ...

What it takes is folks willing to step up and help make it happen. WoWInterface is (obviously) willing to do what we can to help make it happen. We've got forum space aplenty, to create feedback forms, gather data, get folks in touch with one another to try things out. I, personally, can't necessarily volunteer to lead any of the testing teams in-game or anything, I've got way too many other things on my hands as it is, but that doesn't mean that I am not willing to do what I can to help. We've got some users who have already posted that they are willing to do what they can. We just need to decide whether we're going to try to accomplish this or not, and have folks actually step up and do it.

We will also, obviously, need the participation of the mod authors. We will need you guys to tell us what you need checked, what you are looking for, that you want us to test your mod in the first place, work with us from the feedback given, provide the updates, etc.

It's up to the entire community as to whether or not this can happen. You guys decide. We'll do whatever we can to back you up on it. Just ask, and we'll tell you if we can provide it.
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