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The problem is that like in this case, I want the latest FrameXML files. I naturally open "wow-update-12759.MPQ" as it's the update file downloaded with the launcher. Inside I see the various localizations and the "base" that is common. I open enUS/Interface/FrameXML/ and see several files. I open for example "ActionButton.lua" and see this (binary data):
€€	„#€
„š€…X„€€	„4%€
„€…3„E€€„€€„€K„y*€…”`ƒ;€@ET_STABLEPET_STABLEET_STABLEPET_STABLEET_STABLE_UPDATPET_STABLE_SHOWHas to update everything for now, but this event should happŽen infrequently
Basically the updates contain diff patches and if the file is new then it's normal.


1. Extracted "locale-enUS.MPQ" and it's FrameXML
2. Extracted "wow-update-12694.MPQ" and it's FrameXML
3. Extracted "wow-update-12759.MPQ" and it's FrameXML

I downloaded bsdiff and bspatch (Binary diff/patch utility version 4.3) and when I try to patch a file from #1 by using a file from #2 I get "corrupt file", seems like they also added some custom data to their patching files, hmm...

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