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Hope I'm being more help than hassle :P. Not really an inconvenience, I'm mostly just fiddling with things and trying to help out with testing

Bug report: (premise: made an aura to show when Blade Flurry is not present. Added an action to make the aura change alpha when spell comes off cooldown)

Gives a looping infinite lua error if and only if "Ignore GCD End" is selected:

Message: ...Ons\PowerAuras\Classes\Triggers\SpellOffCooldown.lua:80: attempt to compare number with nil
Time: 08/26/12 16:18:34
Count: 1113
Stack: [C]: ?
...Ons\PowerAuras\Classes\Triggers\SpellOffCooldown.lua:80: in function <...Ons\PowerAuras\Classes\Triggers\SpellOffCooldown.lua:48>
:5: in function `action'
Interface\AddOns\PowerAuras\Dispatcher.lua:108: in function <Interface\AddOns\PowerAuras\Dispatcher.lua:93>