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When creating a buff/debuff aura. Then I go to style -> texture options/sources and check off Use for Texture. I get an error:

Metadata.lua:458:attempt to index global 'self' (a nil value)

Also what is strange is bugsack doesn't see the error at all. I almost didn't see it until I looked at my chatbox. It be nice if bugsack could trap these errors so I can easily cut/paste them. Looks like
you're trapping your own errors instead somehow?

Suggestion for Activation -> Support Triggers. The way this UI is set up it looks like only one support trigger can be active at one time, even though thats not true.
It may be less confusing if when the user adds a trigger it gets added as a tab or some kind of button that lets the user know hey I added this to a list of active triggers. Then they click the button to edit that trigger.
With how slick the UI looks, this part just doesn't feel as clean as some other parts of the UI. Not a really big priority imo but something to add on the todo list for later maybe.

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