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Originally Posted by Enerla View Post
You seem to be a support person for an addon, so you might have the experience needed to install addons, but not all WoW players are experienced users. For some, installing and updating addons, when they get a dialog asking about overwriting, can be something alien.
If a user cannot figure out how to install an add-on then they shouldn't install and add-on, it's that simple. If you don't know what's going on with your computer, then get someone who does know to help you.

You should not run programs from unknown sources (and sorry, anyone on any add-on site is 'unknown') under any circumstances anyway. The need and prevalence of executable installers is precisely why so many Windows users have their machines laden with spyware, viruses, botnet hosting programs, kiddie-****, and stealth torrent clients, etc.

It would help people who are now intimidated by the process of installing addons to sites, and some of them would buy premium access to involved sites.
The complete lack of such a program from WowInterface is one of the key reasons that I spend my time here and not at the hell-hole that is curse.com with the BS installers and flash download buttons and multi-step download procedures. I'd much prefer if WoWInerface did not become curse. But still, that would be a discussion for the wowinterface forums, not for this forum.