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Originally Posted by Murdoc View Post
I have a question about the WTF folder. The main folder contains Account, Config.wtf and Launcher.wtf. Do I delete the .wtf files? Under account I have the folder for my account and in that is a folder SavedVariables, my realm folder and some .wtf, .lua and .old files. Do I delete everything in here except the realm folder? I'm not sure what I should and shouldn't delete. I don't want to share anything of mine account related but I would like to share my UI.
You can delete Launcher.wtf. In fact, it's wise to do so, as it can cause a lot of compatibility issues.

Open up your Config.wtf file, and delete any lines containing personal information. WoW Account names, Email addresses, etc. I also find it wise to do a cleaning up of the Config.wtf file as well, as a lot of the information in there may not be the best choice for other users' PCs. There are also some lines that can cause issues with users using different locale WoW clients.

Generally, for the Config.wtf, look for lines which you know you should keep, and delete the rest.

Lines you should usually keep are:
SET readTOS "1"
SET readEULA "1"
SET playIntroMovie "4"
SET uiScale "xxx" -- If your UI uses a particular scale
SET UseUIScale = "1" -- If your UI needs UI Scale turned on

The only other place personal information is kept would be the name of the Realm and Character folders, which you should already be renaming to "REALMNAME" and "CHARACTERNAME" etc.

Some addons you're using may store their settings under the Realm/Character folders. So unless you know otherwise, don't delete them. It is a pain to have them though, because users will have to rename+copy/paste for each character they play.

Feel free to delete all ".old" and ".bak" files.

Try and also delete any "bindings-cache" and "macros-cache" files. This will allow your users to retrieve their personal bindings and macros from WoW's server.

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