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I have been using carbonite for maybe a month or so and it had been working fine always (besides some minor quest bugs here and there). One day I log on, get an error message (which I mindlessly clicked away) and noticed all my addons were reset. As if I had just installed them. The error never appeared again, not even on my other characters (which also had everything reset) so I am not sure what the error was or which addon caused it.

After putting everything back and playing for a while, I noticed that the gather icons (the little yellow dots) do not appear on the carbonite map anymore. They do show on the minimap when I get close enough (as they should) but not on the main map as they did before.
I do see the gather nodes that tell me the spawn points for the different minerals or herbs, but I can't actually tell if there is an actual node by flying close, unless I actively look for the nodes in the game (scanning the ground, which can be rather annoying). The minimap does advise of nodes in the area, but isn't as precise as carbonite was, so I was wondering if there was a way to fix this.


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