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Auto-pull from Curse permission thread

Please note
  • we strongly encourage everyone to consider using our API, or p3lim's packager before considering this option;
  • this does not allow for auto-posting of your changelog. If you want your change log updated you would have to do that manually. This simply downloads the new version file from Curse and uploads it to here; and
  • we only run the script to do this every six (6) hours, so it may take that long for the updated file to show up here. Using either of the other options will populate it here as soon as you run it.

That said, if you still want us to auto-pull from Curse you will need to:
  • If you don't already have the addon in question on WoWInterface - upload your addon to here, put in your description, screenshots, etc. If you already have the addon hosted here, skip to the next step.
  • Once you've uploaded it, give me a link to it here and on Curse, please.
  • Then I tick a couple boxes and it should grab the most recent from Curse, and from then on will auto-magically pull from Curse any time you update your addon there.
  • In addition you will need to provide written confirmation that we are pulling from Curse at your behest, via posting in this thread.

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