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Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
Now, see, this is the way a proper debate should happen. Disagreement while respecting the opinions of another, stated in a courteous and civil manner. Thank you.

It looks like you stunned and astonished Cairenn so much she even used a regular smilie

Just to add on topic, I come from the school of thought that addons change frequently, thank you ThreatLib and a few others, lol. Since that has changed, so have my methods.

My stance being that I truly enjoy the convenience (yup, I'm lazy and don't want to unzip them myself, even though I do know how) that updaters provide, but I also prefer to be an informed consumer by keeping tabs on what has changed and why. So before hitting the update/update all buttons I peruse the changelogs of any updated addons. Then make my decision on what to update.
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