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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
This isn't an "error" or "glitch" though. You're trying to get information Blizzard doesn't want you to have, or at least doesn't feel is important enough for you to have that it's worth their time to give it to you through the API.
The topic of the "error or glitch" was in perspective of an addon and not the game client. This discussion is about a suggestion to add more data to a function to continue the consistent functionality of an addon. Not all absence of information is either forbidden or decidedly unimportant. Some lack of data happens because nobody thinks of adding access to it.

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
I consider it infinitesimally small when I can do /run SendAddonChatMessage("test", "test", "WHISPER", Someguy") and the "Player not found" message appears immediately according to my human perception of time.

If you have 1000 ms ping, there is either something wrong with your connection or you're bringing it on yourself by playing on a server far outside of your region ...
Even though Blizzard doesn't recommend it, people do play on high-latency connections like dial-up, satellite, and cell data cards. Mostly because of limited or lack of access to any low-latency broadband connections. Being someone stuck on either of these high-latency connections is a major pain and I curse it every day, but for now, it's all I could ever get access to from home.

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
... in any case it's hardly the end of the world if you delay showing chat messages from/about opposite faction panadren anyway. It's not like it's actually relevant information.
This subforum is a "Wish List". Everything here is a suggestion for what we would like Blizzard to consider. I don't maintain Tongues or any other custom language addon, but I anticipated Pandarens as bringing difficulty to those addons. As for as my ChatLinkIcons addon, this is more of a luxury than necessity. I can just as easily use the single icon featured in the character creation screen for both factions. This is what my current version does already. My mention of the other addons was to add examples of where this would be helpful and possibly add their respective authors' support in petitioning this suggestion.

There is an entire history of various data Blizzard granted access to over the years. In vanilla WoW, HP values for any unit other than the player were strictly provided as an integer percent. This changed in BC because of addons that calculated mob HP from how much damage they took before dying, then applied that to exact copies of the same mob. At one time, GUIDs weren't available to addons. The same time Blizzard overhauled the Combat Log system, they added this as a way to track info about a specific entity. Up until LK, Blizzard didn't provide information about mob threat levels. Addons like Omen had to calculate this themselves by taking in damage and healing info from the combat log. There are more examples, but this is all I can think of at the moment. All of which fall into different categories of necessity and luxury, things people suggested and things people worked on to obtain themselves.
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