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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
If you think eliminating a one-second-at-most delay to determine someone's faction in the one-in-a-million event of them being an enemy pandaren /saying or /yelling something in Pandaren instead of their faction default language is really so critical Blizzard needs to spend time adding to the API, I guess we just have radically different ideas about what is important.
They already link the internal data from UnitClass(), UnitRace(), and even UnitSex() to GetPlayerInfoByGUID(). How much more time do you think it would take to link to UnitFactionGroup()'s internal data too? The least it would be is copy/paste existing code and change which data field it pulls from, push the extra LuaString on the stack, and increase the int return of the C function by 1.

If you don't believe me, check the links.

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
I'd much rather they spend time fixing actual bugs instead, and there are certainly plenty of those for them to work on.
So you're suggesting for the WoWI staff to close down the entire Wish List subforum because you don't want Blizzard to be bothered with what some other addon authors would like implemented in the API?

If I'm not mistaking, this is the entire purpose of this subforum. Description of Developer Discussions Wish List taken from the main forum page.
A place for AUTHORS to post their requests to Blizzard about api functions/interface features for possible inclusion.
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