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Originally Posted by BlueRaja View Post
So, the problem is that if TradeForwarder handles the messages before TradeChatCleaner, then TradeChatCleaner never gets a chance to filter them, and every trade messages is displayed. If TradeChatCleaner goes first, it can filter the ones I don't want to see before TradeForwarder sees them.
That doesn't really make sense, or I'm not understanding the problem... if TradeForwarder says "block this message", it doesn't matter if it says that before or after TCC says "this message is OK" -- in either order, the message gets blocked, as I explained in my earlier post. Likewise, if TF says "this message is OK" but TCC says "block this message" it still doesn't matter what order that happens in -- the message is blocked if any filter says to block it, even if 1000000000 other filters said it was OK first. Every single filter is checked until either one filter says "block this" or there are no more filters to check.
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