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Thank you, zork! I did try using your addon before now, so thank you for updating it.

I do still seem to be having the same problem, though. Just like with PowerAuras, your addon displays all new models except for one. As it turns out, that one usable old Ghoul model is ghoulnobirth.m2, whose only skin is the white variant. Ghoul.m2 does not point to the old models at all-- even though WoWModelViewer can access the old model and its attached skins through ghoul.m2 just fine.

Even the very oldest displayIDs such as 137 point to the new models now.

Every single one of the DisplayIDs from Resike's list (besides the ghoulnobirth) now points to the new models (again, paradoxically without using ghoul2.m2; the list file designates them as still using ghoul.m2), save for a few that display nothing at all.

I tried fiddling around with the way the PowerAuras list file associated certain DisplayIDs with certain models, switching ghoulnobirth with ghoul to see if that granted it use of more skins, but that didn't change anything. It seems not to matter which model is associated with which DisplayID. I suppose they were just listed that way to organize the dropdowns.

I just don't have the know-how to differentiate how the WoW client and the modelviewer program display these things. Perhaps the client has some kind of impassable, automatic replacer set up...

Apologies if any of this is elementary (As I am sure it is); much as I've tried to learn about this stuff, I am just not good at it, and it is surprisingly hard to find information on what all of these terms are that doesn't assume you already know a whole lot.
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