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Originally Posted by Resike View Post
I'm confused then why is my db file incomplete? Or you just used some other sneaky hack?
I could turn the table into an usable one, but i would prefer a retail live table, if you could share that one.
No idea. Data is in db2 files CreatureDisplayInfo, CreatureModelData and CreatureDisplayInfoExtra (for character based npcs), be it live or alpha.

Originally Posted by Resike View Post
I'm also interested how can you know when do a "race-gender" pair should point to a HD version of a character model or a standard one, since if you mix those the associated model/skin be messed up.
There's some checks in place for if given race has HD model or not and if HD npc texture is available or not. Based on availability of HD model and HD texture you can load either or even both...
Edit: Oh and there's actually a link to modelId for char based npcs as well, but my tool ignores it and uses logic I just explained...

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