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Originally Posted by OrcD3vil View Post
I've been doing alot of raiding with my guild lately and it seems to be everytime we go through OS/VOA/Maly/Naxx when I ask the Raid Leader or someone else to show me their recount to see where I was in DPS compared to why mine says, and well its a big diffrence. On mine it will say I'm like 10th out of 25th and on their's it says I'm like 17th or something. When we enter I reset it and only reset it after I compare there recount to mine. I love nUI and its panels that you guys incorperate into it but I'm wondering why there is such a diffrence to mine compared to someone that just has recount installed by itself.
That is not a problem of the actual integration of Omen/Recount with nUI. I've been using that panel from the very beginning and my readings were always equal or similar to others'.

About the appearance, you can configure it in Recount's setting.

About your position , there are a lot of factors that could be the culprit. Are you resetting Recount every time you enter a new dungeon and do your group mates do the same ?(So it doesn't take in account your other past damage/healing whatever in other groups )

Are you near the other players when engaging in combat ? Recount is based on your combat log and your combat log only does so much if you aren't close to them.