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Thanks for the quick response

Through a quick test last night I figured you were using a value around 40 yards for the OOR indicator.

The reason I'm interested is that as a Feral Druid there are rare cases in a raid where I need to do one of a couple of things, i.e. Dispell poisions and curses, battle rez someone or put my Intervate on a caster. All of these feasures have a 30 yard range.

Currently I have Grid that displays when a player is over 30 yards away and if they have a poison, curse or are dead. The unit frames in nUI has the necessary function so I can remove Grid if I can change the range to 30 yards. When I get home I'll modify the lua file you mentioned and hopefully either get rid of Grid or maybe I'll get the addon to intergrate into the info-panel just in case I need it for something else. I prefer to have Omen up while I'm in combat so I done grab aggro from the tank.