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Well... if it matters any... if you are using the Dual Stats plugin with the current version of Recount, then the problem cannot be nUI's info panel.

The reason I say that is that nUI does not alter Recount in any way. All it does is change the parent frame and size/position the Recount frame. The only way nUI *might* have been causing problems in the Recount numbers wold be if Recount was hidden (not visible on the info panel at the time) and that was causing it not to update. However, if you are using the Dual Stats plugin, then Recount is always visible and that cannot be the problem.

I'm not sure what to tell you... other than if you're using Dual Stats and you're not hiding the "Stats" panel while you're in combat, then nUI can't be the problem.

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I would generally agree with you but the raid leader is another hunter and I stand next to him most of the time. Even Kimon another hunter in my guild that is 99% of the time by me or me by him don't come close to the same Recount info.

@Scott, I downloaded the Dual Stat Plugin in the nUI section here on wowinterface.com and it said ot get omen/recount so I went to there respective websites and got the addon from there and thats how I've been using it. If I'm doing something wrong please let me know. Its not biggie I love nUI and have been letting everyone "Looking for a UI" know about nUI. I just got the pro version the other day so I haven't updated the Dual Stat panel in a bit maybe there is a new version out I'll have to check that today when I get home we got a Naxx25 tonight been clearing 3 of the 4 wings in 3-4 hours so I'll test it out tonight and take some Screen shots to show you the diffrence in count if its alot.

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