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Originally Posted by spiritwulf View Post
1. make sure you are using the latest release of recount, it gets updated frequently.

2. it is well know that info will often not match. after blizz changed things so that dmg meters such as recount were unable to use private hidden channels to sync data they are limited to using the chat log to parse the combat info. this has several drawbacks in that there are many situations where the combat log does no display all info such as in specific cases like aoe. In an aoe situation for example the combat log parses all your damage to all efected targets but does not do the same for other people. that was done to prevent bloat. same thing will often happen with a pally for example, if they are throwing greater heals that add in the aoe heal efect it often does not register properly for other players. These are just a couple examples, there are many other situations where this comes into efect as well such as if they are filtering pet dmg etc.

Best thing you can do to help avoid this is to make sure you stay updated to latest version of recount and keep in mind that there are things that you or they could be doing that they arnt picking up.
One of our new guildies pointed out only today that they do not hit the healing meters as much as they thought. But when going through their different spells we found that alot of them weren't heals as such but buffs to stop their health from going down etc. They're a discipline based priest so I guess that is their side of things but this post just reminded me of that conversation.

As to the problem in question, and yes I realised reloading the addon solved the problem.

Are you comparing the lists at the end of the raid when people may be leaving raid group ? There is a setting there somewhere where the list is changed based on who is in raid. Could this be linked to what you were seeing ?