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You realize it's still a fucken dick move to list someones addon without the author's name.
The latest, and obv still flawed version of what is being used to acquire such things does its best to acquire the authors name, and respect licenses (obv this part needs some work).

All the addons (except for tiny's) *still* have "Unknown" listed as their authors... /sigh
You'll notice that some addons do list the full spectrum of contributors to the addon.

Well, seeing as how they still don't have the ability for addon authors to do anything on the site, I can't say I'm surprised.
I hope to have all addons appropriately labeled with their respective authors ASAP followed by the ability for authors to manage their addons, the only reason this isn't done yet is I simply need more hours in the day.

Either these people are full of sh*t or they're just incompetent
Ide like to make a argument against being incompetent, but I think that would be pointless. I can however ensure you that we do care, especially myself, and unfortunately there have been more oversights while burning the midnight oil.

p.s. I know none of this is any of your problems, but as I said before, trying to be transparent.

*braces for impact*

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