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I did that?
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I agree, now is no different. Nearly 3 months and not one useful author targeted feature has been added.

It kind of shows where your priorities reguarding authors are placed, in the room marked WC.

I've never heard of a productive partnership starting off with one partner firmly planting their middle didgit in the others nose and then refusing to remove it. Then again, maybe you're hoping for a world first, good luck.

If the authors don't want them there we will remove them.
This tired old excuse again? Have you notified all the authors that you have kidnapped their addons and are holding them ransom for the price of one email (I hope it would only be one) requesting you hand back their hard work? I doubt it because,

Originally Posted by ronburgundyy View Post
Notifications of the authors is a action item in which we have yet to address, but notification on curse is certainly something we can do, preferably once the authors are able to gain control of their addon, as I am sure that is what many will wish to do upon notification.
So the longer you hold off doing something the longer you believe you don't have to let them know.
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