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I love it so far. I will not lie I have wanted for a long time to replace or at least reduce the amount of usage the Curse Client gets. I hate adds really I do and to have to pay Curse to turn off adds I personally think is unethical! With that being said!!! Some of these I have seen in the forums, but I would just like to summarize!

1. Sorting. No way to sort my needed add-ons to the top!
2. Multiple WoW installs showing up and they are all named the same. I went in an deleted all the addons listed under the PTR and both are still showing the same number so I do not understand where the second one is coming from. Suggestion ... Let Minion name the instals based upon the folder name.
3.Conflicting version numbers! I can literally load up minion and click update all then load up the curse client and re-download everything. Can anybody explain how this is working and why?

I in no way want it to look or even act like the curse client. I hate that thing, but I still have to run bth for the time being.

Thank You so much for this great addition to the site!
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