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Originally Posted by PeterGunn View Post
3.Conflicting version numbers! I can literally load up minion and click update all then load up the curse client and re-download everything. Can anybody explain how this is working and why?
As far as I know, Minion detects installed versions by looking in the addon's TOC file. For example, if you open up Bartender4.toc in Notepad you can find:

## Version: 4.6.2
Then it checks that against the version number on the addon's WoWInterface download page. For example, on the Bartender4 download page, you see:

Version: 4.6.2
Since "4.6.2" and "4.6.2" are the same, Minion knows that Bartender4 is up to date. If you update the addon outside of Minion, you won't confuse Minion, because it just looks in the TOC and finds which version you've updated to.

Unfortunately, Minion's version detection is (currently) very literal. If a TOC says "27" but the addon author wrote "r27" or "v27" in the box on the download page, Minion can't tell that those are the same thing.

Minion also can't tell when one number is bigger or smaller than the other, so if you got version "4.6.2" of an addon from Curse, but the author is lazy and hasn't updated their WoWI page since version "4.5.1", Minion will tell you to update.

Finally, if you've configured the Curse Client to install alpha versions, you'll get version strings like "r458" and "g5d66af1" which typically correspond with SVN revision numbers or Git commit hashes (those are popular version-control systems for developers). Even if Minion knew how numbers work, it wouldn't be able to tell whether "r458" (an alpha version) was newer or older than "3.5" (a release version), so it will always tell you to update these addons. The Curse Client knows which of those is newer because they're both in its database with dates and times, but Minion doesn't look at Curse release dates.


On the other hand, the Curse Client seems to maintain some kind of internal cache of versions, and is generally very bad at detecting any installations or updates it didn't do itself. If you install a new addon, it will detect that, and even check the TOC for a version, but then it will insist you reinstall the addon even if it matches the current version on Curse. If you update an addon outside of the Curse Client, it will flag the addon as either "out of date" or "modified" -- it seems to be random which status it picks -- and try to get you to reinstall it from Curse.


I'm not currently using Minion, because the text is just too small with too little contrast for me to reasonably read, and there are more important issues for them to work on than making the text accessible to users with poor eyesight right now, but during the brief period where I was using both, it seemed to work best to run the Curse Client first, let it update, and then just ignore any suggested updates in Minion for addons that Curse had just updated.

Alternatively, you could tell the Curse Client to ignore addons that are updated on WoWInterface.
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