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Same bug - Only 1 common factor

The wife and I are having the same issues however, here's the deal:

She is only using her laptop and only has the main Carbonite file installed along with Fishing Buddy, and Badboy, Gatherer with module, and Titan.

I on the other hand only use my desktop and have Carbonite plus the social, note, warehouse. weekly. and quests modules. My other addons are npc_scan and it's overlays (which are also currently throwing up error messages about carbonite), Archy, Ackis Recipe modules, Auctioneer Suite, Badboy and cleaner module, Bittens with modules, all DBMs, Fishing Buddy, Gatherer with module, Greenwall, Healbot, Micro Decline Duel, Name2Face, Overachiever, Recount, and Titan.

Our common is Carbonite main, Fishing Buddy, Badboy, Gatherer with module, and Titan. I will have us try deleting the WTF folder that was suggest.

**Addendum: Deleted WTF folder and am still getting the multiple notifcations about so and so is not currently playing. So am not going to have the wife do it as it seems to not work for the problem.

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