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Originally Posted by Kaelten
You should be able to do a search of my mods by my authors name right?

Also as I have custodial ownership of all of Turans Mods on all sites except curse-gaming I request that they be taken down as well.

So here is a list

Ace Development Kit
AutoRepair (Kael Cycle)

And to be frankly honest. I don't have a problem with your site. What does bother me is that these things where added without me even being notified. Not so much of a permission thing. Also the lack of abilty for me to even be able to offer maintence/support to these addons.

However I would request that any and all of the above listed addons be removed from your database indefintely.

You want to become the best site?

Here's my advice.

1) Respect the authors and pay attention to our requests. For as much as you make the site so do we.

2) Offer advanced features and services to both users and authors.

3) Focus your site on usability and functionality. Not on the attitude that "We are the first and greatest." This is a turn off.

4) Try to help both users and authors achive new things to aid them. Not yourself.

These are the things that can lead to awesome things for a site imho.

Please consider these things and honor my request of removing mine and turan's addons from your site.

Thank you.
I removed your UI Mods from my site, and I deeply respect your choice.

Moreover it is definitely not an easy choice, to message hundreds of UI Mod Developers. Infact this is an enormous task, and I really think it is all about expectation.

Do not forget that the other UI Mod Databases are approximate 5-6 months ahead me, but you do expect the same requirements from my site.

Well I did win some time, but now I definitely get some drawbacks.

However I find it sad to be excluded from the free market, and I do not see what it cost you to be hosted at my site.

I see it as a free service for you, where you are promoted freely.

This is matter of trust, everyone should have the possibility to show there art.

World of Warcraft UI Mods Database

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