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The problems that I see is

a) With every site I maintain my work on it increases my work load dramatically. I already host on 4 sites, and am debating starting a thread in the blizzard ui forums.

Thats alot of work, both updating and reading comments.

If you want to win me as a supporter then please introduce features that make it easier for me to manage my addons than at other sites, or even to some extent keep watch on them too.

b) The way you've done it, I don't even have the ability to maintain the addon at your site.

I can sometimes put out 4 or 5 versions a day, I think my record was 12.

If I cant update the addon that means the users of your site are stuck with an old, potentially harmful version.

One thing I think it would be nice is if someone wrote and maintained a search site that would search and index the other main sites.

This of course has its own set of drawbacks but I think it would be a valuable contribution to the community.
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