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Originally Posted by draxshar
Sorry if I am beating a dead horse with this, but this issue is one of my biggest pet-peeves being a fellow artist, so forgive me in advance if I seem to rant...


Brugs, I dont think that you understand the gravity of the situation from the nonchalance in your posts. Posting others creations on the internet or for download without the creators consent is theft, plain and simple. As a photographer/graphic artist whose work is on the internet, I am faced with this delema frequently, (and I have had this happen to me). Writing on add-on is no different than any other piece of art, its all intellectual property and cannot be redistributed without the authors consent, its their decision where/when/how to release/post/update their creations. We artists want total control of our work, (as we should), and your site has denied that very basic right. (All of the sites that you have mentioned give the authors control over their work). It would be no different than if someone came to your site and began downloading your' graphics, (that you worked hard on), or hi-jacked your code to use for their own site, (and no doubt you would be upset with over 500 hours of work). Its all intellectual property.

Dont get me wrong, I dont believe there was any malicious intent here, and yes, getting a site up and running is tough work, but I'll bet you 99% of the authors out there would have gladly given you permission to host their work, (as you said, it is a free service), but the creator has a right to decide where their work is shown. 10-20 emails asking permission could have saved you hours of work and not starting your site off with a black eye.

You must respect the art and its creators, especially now in this digital age when it is so easy to take basically anything, (giving credit or not)...


And a last suggestion...I would tread lightly with your comments to Cairenn here...Many of us have been with her through the years at EQInterface and now here, and she is very well respected, and she works her tail off here, (for us and you). Remember, you are trying to get people to use your service, so be respectful. Image is everything...
It is a balance, not to harm your morale or respect; I do think you have a valid point. What is going on the internet today is a complete chaotic playground, 80% of all people think it is ok to steal peoples art, by downloading music, film and so on. However, artists are against it, but the fact has shown that they are promoted free. This has a very important role with my philosophy, because it is a win / win situation for all the parts, and it lead to something new and creative. What most artists, also forget that they are actually just, building on the top of the pyramids, I rarely ever see any original idea or concept. I see it as a natural evolution.

With the today's information technology we live of information and the more information you have and can give, the more powerful you get. What you maybe did not know any major company on the internet live of yours information. Therefore, the conclusion is that we are a redistribution society. For that reason, our morale has a very low influence today. What people really want is the best information/solution.

Now to get back on track, luckily the World of Warcraft Community is very nice. Well this will not last forever, and we are already moving there. Things will get out of hands, and this is matter of time.

Now this does not say that I do not respect you as a person, its simply confirms that we have different views on this topic.

To sum up, think more about your creativity and art, because redistribution will always exist.

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