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Originally Posted by Brugs
Now those lines really make me think twice, first you say you cannot distribute other people's work.
Suddenly you say it is ok to index information from other sites.

First I think the thing between mod authors and mod hosts, is authors focus to much on there specific UI mods, where hosts have to focus on a larger perspective.

This is exactly where my concept differs from other sites. I think the true question between us here is where our true values is, I support modern technology, where I believe you still support old fashion technology. Now you must consider, I did not take this step without risk, I knew clearly that this would have drawbacks, because this is something NEW.

I am trying to move in a new direction, to do so have never been easy for the human kind, because I am a place between the past field, and a new unexplored area. You do clearly know now, what my intentions are. I hope you have the humanity to understand my choice.

Let us imagine a system that could index newest information from all other sites. The fact authors do not even need to update it manually. We are talking about a 100% automated process.

To get back on which system is the right, there is no such definitive solution, and both sides have drawbacks... I will demonstrate here.

Solution #1: The authors need to update many (4-5) UI Mods databases manually.
+ Human Support
+ Modification
- Time consuming
- Increasing human errors
- The UI Mod DB's have different versions - so people end up getting an old version.

Solution #2: 100% Complete automated process, there is no doubt this one is the leading in technology.
+ Require absolutely no time
+ Updates the data / system automatically

- The Authors has no influence
- Human support
- Wrong / Corrupted Data (any automated process errors)

So my question is which system would you prefer?

World of Warcraft UI Mods Database
you misunderstand my suggestion.

Indexing the other sites is NOT hosting files.

Its providing a searchable database of ui mods with links to the other sites. This should be fairly easy to maintain as far as current lists, since all your script would have to do is watch the *new list from the site.

This could be a cronjob that ran every 3-6 hours and generate no more load on the other sites than visiting a bookmark.

This would

a) Be something the community doesn't have but would be useful.

b) Not cause much if any more stress/work for authors

c) Not be infringing on anyones intellectual property since you are not actually distributing files, but instead providing a cross site search engine and then linking to where the files are actually contained.

Thats my two cents, on something that you could do which might be received better.

I'm done discussing this. Bottom line is that I, and at least several other authors, feel that your approach is wrong for various reasons. We don't hate or dislike the fact that your putting up a site. Just the approach your taking with it. Some of us would like to see you go back and change your way on it. But no I degress.

Good day, and good luck. I hope you can make the changes that would be needed to make your site a success.
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