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Again, forgive me if I seem overzealous on this subject, but as an artist that has been ripped off, this is a topic that burns my biscuits...

Originally Posted by Brugs
...What is going on the internet today is a complete chaotic playground, 80% of all people think it is ok to steal peoples art, by downloading music, film and so on.
But in reality, isnt that what you have done here? Taken possession of another persons work without their consent? Isnt that the definiton of theft? Theft is still theft, whether it is something tangable like a car or a stereo, or whether it is something intangable, like someones idea or a bunch of 0's and 1's stored electronically.
Originally Posted by Brugs
However, artists are against it, but the fact has shown that they are promoted free. This has a very important role with my philosophy, because it is a win / win situation for all the parts, and it lead to something new and creative.
Its not a win/win situation because the artist surrenders all control over his/her creation, (which we do to a certain degree anyways by even putting our work out there), but its compounded when the means are easily available to discuss your intentions with the creator and not taken advantage of. Your site wouldnt even exsist if it werent for the work of these people, and that is a simple fact. So while you are building off of what they made, doesnt it seem decent to at least discuss your intentions with them? They may love the idea so much, they may offer to help you in your endevor.
Originally Posted by Brugs
Another factor is you cannot judge anyone here about intellectual property - we can only hence about this. None of us has the technical expertise, neither the right to stamp each other - because this simply leads to no good.
You couldn't be further from the truth...The authors have every right to judge on their intellectual property, they are the creators, and owners. Its their right, and theirs alone, to say what can and cant be done with it, and that makes them judge, jury, and executioner where their work is concerned. Thats why there is copyright law, to protect the artist and give them the power over their work.

I know why you defend this so passionately, (and its admirable),...its the same reason all of us that create do. We start with nothing, build it up through trial and error, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears until its finally done and ready and seeing that finished project gives us a rush of accomplishment, pride, satisfaction and victory. To see your idea come to life, its an incredible feeling. But you cant do that at anothers expense.

You said you wanted to offer something "new", then offer something with your site that no one else has. Anyone can go out and download every addon out there and post them on their site...Dont be like that 80% out there...Good luck, I hope you read these posts, and make some changes...No one here wants to see you fail.

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