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With every post your bs just gets deeper, Im going to take my leave too because Cairenn asks it remain civil. Hard to be civil with someone who thinks denying authors access to their own work is right.

Just cant wrap the lil blonde brain around that one.


edit: And I see my Collection is already on there, please remove it, its Sparkles Hunter Collection. Number one you dont have screenshots, Number 2 I cant update it and its already outdated and Number 3, It looks sloppy as its obviously a cut and paste and was not carefully posted by ME. (it runs right down to the bottom, no screenies etc just messy looking) I put a lot of work into this and making sure I keep it updated and on par with what hunters need/want and wont lag their computers etc.
I dont want this up on a site that I can not update it.

When you want to give the people who write the mod's and compile them as well the ability to update and add their own work get in touch with everyone. Until then, like I said, Im done responding.
Thank you.

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