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The argument was raised that you could or should index other websites. Realize however that this has it's own drawbacks. As it stands now, you give NO credit to any website from which you obtained said addons. Water under the bridge at the moment as the major issue at hand is the rights of the authors more than the rights of the sites the destribute on.

However if you start indexing websites, you could potentially invade the rights of the websites as well.

My suggestion is as follows:

To provide something completely unique to the community (because lets face it, your site is doing something other sites already do, without permission which means you already started on the wrong foot) -- index other mod websites, and provide a list just like you do now of all of those addons. HOWEVER, do not have them as downloads directly from your website. Link to the page on each website where the addon can be found.

As an example:
I go to your site, and search for Ace, (sorry Kaletan, just thought it was a good example) -- and find it of course. When I click on it, it shows a page with basic info about the author, and a list of "mirrors" or sources from which the addon can be found. This means that Kaeltan can update / modify his addons on all the sites where he does so now, but yours stays up to date based on the newest version found from among all the websites. The USER is given the option to download from any of those websites, but upon clicking on the mirror link, he is taken TO the other website and allowed to download it. DO NOT link directly tothe file as this is known as leeching.

I know you mean well, but remember that copyright laws and the rights of the authors IS a real and impending issue. There may not be much we cna do to stop you, but I assure you no one will support your site unless you provide some way for them to begin trusting you and what you do on your site...

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