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Originally Posted by Mike JezZ

I want to learn how to make mods for WoW...

Is this easy, or hard?

Can a mortal dude like me learn it? And if yes, how?
Sadly, there are very few tutorials on WoW Mod making. I would suggest:

Go to http://www.lua.org/pil/ for the online version of the book: Programming in Lua. I believe this is a better guide than the manual blizzard and everyone else directs you to.
Go to http://wowwiki.com to get info about functions (as was suggested above)
Go to http://www.blizzard.com/support/wow/?id=aww01671p and download the version for your system (Windows or Mac). This NEW AddonKit features 2 tutorials. The Hello World tutorial (VERY VERY basic tutorial) and the ShowMeTheMoney Tutorial which teaches you how to show how much gold you have. Both of these Blizzard tutorials teach you basic frames and how to setup your mod, what files you need, .etc

The thing I suggest the MOST is Farang's tutorial: Frames located at http://fara.webeddie.com/frames/ This tutorial goes over basically everything you need to know about frames, how to make a form (checkboxes, .etc) and how to submit it. It is like an 15 page tutorial but very helpful. The tutorial is designed for 1.6 but works fine on 1.9.x.

Also, Farang is nice enough to have a listing of all the types of frames and other XML stuff at http://fara.webeddie.com/ui/

I suggest you first do the 2 tutorials in the addonkit from blizzard, then Farang's Frame tutorial. Farang will go over some of the things said in the addonkit tutorials but he describes things better I think. Use the XML listing and Wowwiki.com to look up functions or xml stuff. WowWiki.com has an xml listing also i think.

After I get better at this stuff (been doing it for like a day) I am going to create lots of tutorials about all the things I had questions about when I was starting.

I hope this helped and happy mod making!
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