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Originally Posted by JIM the Inventor View Post
The best piece of advice I can give is ... Take an AddOn that exists, is small, and does something distinctive. Make a copy of it and put the files in a safe place. Then open the originals and systematically destroy things.
Turning things on and off don't exactly create anything you just learn the boundaries of how much you can mess something up. for the most part if somethings on its probably on for a reason whatever that may be its not smart to just go turning random things off if you cant read the code to know what your doing, at the very minimal you need some experience with code or at least the ability to read it and see what certain things are. granted turning things on and off will help you find out what other things are but still not the best idea. still though he does have a good point. turn **** on and off and you'll be able to read it soon enough to know what does what.
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