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Accountwide Item Tooltip

This is something that's been on the back of my mind for a long time now. With the constant desire to prune addons due to the sheer amount, I have been questioning my need for altoholic. While there are some features that are nice to have I can do without most, but there is one feature I don't want to be without and that is tooltip information of loot stored on characters, so you can see which alt is already carrying those claws etc.

Looking at a video I saw someone in classic that have this function. Immediately I went on searching, quickly became apparent it's probably the new Carbonite Warehouse module. So I got that, oh the good ol wotlk days. Well, I also learned to live without carbonite (forced) so running that now is just a no, however. Altoholic is pending a classic update so carbonite is pending deletion until that come.

To the point. I wish to extract the code and make an addon exclusive for this purpose. Or if someone else would do it that would be nice also. Would someone be so kind to point the way here?

I would have to "steal" the code from altoholic or carbonite, I don't know how possible that is. Nor do I know the ethics for it, but this is first of all personal use nothing that I will release. Unless something is said here that changes that.
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