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Originally Posted by silkfire View Post
Ye I see you're doing it wrong Quokka.
1. Copy locale-enGB.MPQ or locale-enUS.MPQ (whichever you use, they are identical) one step up to the Data folder. All files must be in the same folder (NOTE to you Ladik, this is slightly impractical)
I am aware of that. So far, I haven't found any better solution than the command line. Or gather all MPQs in one folder, at least that will make users to create copy of the MPQs and they won't directly modify the game files. When I get a good idea how to implement this, I'll improve the GUI. Perhaps a better version of the patch arrangement window.

Originally Posted by silkfire View Post
Ye I see you're doing it wrong Quokka.
4. Reorder the patches so that the latest patch comes first, the one before that second, etc.
Actually, the order of the patches in the dialog must be that the latest patch comes last. I.e. the default order that is offered by MPQ Editor. Ok, I will make a note on the dialog to make it clear.

The idea of the order is this:
1) locale-enUS.MPQ is the primary MPQ
2) wow-update-12694.MPQ is the first patch applied
3) wow-update-12759.MPQ is the second patch applied
4) wow-update-12803.MPQ is the third patch applied

If you choose a wrong order, StormLib's patcher will report an error, because each extracted file is checked by MD5 both before and after appliyng a patch. If there are more patches,
this check is being made for each patch.
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