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Hey Ladik

Just a few more bug reports
- In patch mode, Verify files spams "Open error"
- Ctrl-F4 doesn't work (*please*, rebind it or add a binding to ctrl-w)
- "Close MPQ" closes all currently opened mpqs, instead of currently selected one (normal mode).

Feature requests, random ideas:
- Unify the "merged mode" and "patch mode" UI. Taking example on current merged mode window: Single window, "mode" tickbox (choose between "normal", "merged" and "patch").
Tricky: Change "additional options" dynamically when ticking a different mode. The file list to the right stays the same.
- Add an "Add MPQ" button next to Remove MPQ. This should solve the copy-in-same-folder issue
- Add a "close MPQ" context option on MPQ->right click.
- Add a file count somewhere - in the statusbar maybe. "25 files (12688 total)"
- Add the MPQ name behind the path in the status bar (eg: "art.MPQ\Character\Taunka\Male")
- Add the ability to add another mpq to the opened ones, and/or to view the currently open ones (maybe by reopening the original Open With Options dialog).

Also, this might be a wine bug, but I'm not able to use quotes around my arguments. such as ... wine mpqeditor "z:/program files/foo.mpq". Since it's much easier for my script to do that than escape spaces with backslashes, a fix would be appreciated.