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Originally Posted by Adys View Post
Hey Ladik
- In patch mode, Verify files spams "Open error"
one (normal mode).
Could you provide which MPQs did you open ?
Originally Posted by Adys View Post
- Ctrl-F4 doesn't work (*please*, rebind it or add a binding to ctrl-w)
I'll check that. Any special reason why you want Ctrl+W ?
Originally Posted by Adys View Post
- "Close MPQ" closes all currently opened mpqs, instead of currently selected
Hmmm. It is actually meant "Close All MPQs". It will be easy to close one MPQ in multi-MPQ mode, where all open MPQ is on its own, but closing a MPQ in merged an patch mode is fairly complicated.

Originally Posted by Adys View Post
Hey Ladik
- Unify the "merged mode" and "patch mode" UI. Taking example on current merged mode window: Single window, "mode" tickbox (choose between "normal", "merged" and "patch").
Yeah, the current GUI for that is indeed crap, I am not very happy with it.
I'll try to figure something out, but that will take a while.

As for other features, some of them are easy and good idea, some of them are good idea but more difficult to do. For example, when you open multiple MPQs in merged mode, MPQ Editor builds a combined tree, containing all files and subdirectories, and then shows it in the GUI. Removing one of the MPQs would need to parse the tree and remove all nodes that belong to a specific MPQ. I don't promise I implement all suggestions, but I'll at least try and see if it's worth it.

Originally Posted by Adys View Post
Also, this might be a wine bug, but I'm not able to use quotes around my arguments. such as ... wine mpqeditor "z:/program files/foo.mpq". Since it's much easier for my script to do that than escape spaces with backslashes, a fix would be appreciated.
I am afraid there is not much I can do - quotes work well in Windows. The best I can do is to make a build that will show parameters given, so we can confirm it's a WINE bug.
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