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Game locks up every time quest objectives update

Hi, long time user and lover of Carbonite but i have been having some issues for the last few builds that i wanted to bring up and see if there is a easy fix that has somehow escaped me, or if it is something that needs to be addressed on the code level.

Everytime that a quest objective updates, such as loot a quest item, kill a mob and so on, my game client completely freezes up for about 1 sec, i have noticed that if i am in a party with my wife who also has carbonite(but not this problem), whenever a quest objective updates for her i also freeze, it makes it practically impossible to run together because i will be constantly freezing as we quest. i am using the latest beta, have disabled all other addons, and have done a complete reinstall/setup and it still happens. i'm not sure if there is a problem in the quest module or if the quest data is being improperly handled somehow. hopefully someone has encountered this before and can help me out