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I apologize for the Wall O Text ahead of time, lol.

Back when I used to rely on Carb I had a similar issue with the game stuttering here and there, mostly on updates like objectives status etc. I don't recall exactly what fixed it, but I do have a couple of generic suggestions for you to try. At the least, you may reduce your overhead of addons. At best, you may find the issue.

1. In your WoW directory, delete the folder named Cache. It's 100% safe to delete. All it holds is basic information that gets re-downloaded from Blizz servers as needed.

2. Do a fresh, clean install of Carbonite. That means delete all the Carbonite folders within the WoW\Interface\Addons folder. It also includes removing all of the Carbonite files within the WTF folder.

2a. My personal preferred method to find out if its the addon itself or an interaction issue with another addon is to start 100% from scratch on everything. Make a folder on your hard drive and name it something simple, mine is usually named "WoW_Backup". Then go into your WoW folder and Cut the "Interface" and the "WTF" folders and Paste them into the "WoW_Backup" folder.

I usually load WoW with zero addons at least once after all this just so I can setup sound, video, etc game settings to my liking.

Now comes the fun and time consuming part, install only Carbonite, set it up to your liking and see if you still stutter. If you don't, then it's possible you had a corrupted file somewhere or a possible addon conflict.
If you do stutter, then you know its something to do with Carb and only Carb simply because it's the only addon installed.

After all this, then you can start one by one re adding any other addons you may use. If you suddenly have stuttering after installing an addon then you've found the conflicting addon.

Kind of a lengthy process if you use tons of addons, but it's also a good time to trim down the number of ones you actually do use vs just have because of never removing them