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Thanks Vis,
the "Wall O Text" is appreciated, sometimes the most simple solution evades us, so i went and did a full uninstall wiped everything and started from scratch(it was a great time to trim down the number of unused addons), started by re installing a new copy of Carbonite..and did not have the freezing. i then went and started the lengthy process of installing new copies of all my addons one at a time untill i found the problem. i use the addon PetTracker, and one of the things that it does is put the pets that you haven't collected in a zone into the Blizzard quest track window, for whatever reason when i have that installed and the Blizzard quest track window showing, it makes me freeze, if i disable PetTracker all together, or use carbonite to hide the Blizzard quest track window(Carbonite>quest module>watch options>Hide Blizzards quest track window) but leave PetTracker enabled the freezing stops. Unfortunately PetTracker doesn't integrate with the carbonite quest watch so i have to loose that function, but that's a small price to pay to have carbonite working again. Vis I appreciate your help, i don't know why that didn't occur to me, it's tech support 101, restart and reinstall. Rythal thank you for all the time and hard work that you put into developing and maintaining carbonite, i know that i for one would have a far less enojyable game experience if it wasn't for your effort.