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[Mac] WTF folder issue

Hello, i hope not being redundant or violating forum rules.

After several years of Realui on Mac without any kind of problems, yesterday, with the game fully patched, i ecountered the following issue: after any relog Realui keep printing the "click to install" overlay screen. The interface reloads and the "click to install" screen is still there, making anything impossible, 'cept esc and exit game..

The only way to avoid this is to delete the WTF folder and relaunch the game, where the "click to install" happens only once, till next relog.

Atm my wow is clean: only Realui 8 "interface" folder and no WTF.

Once i log off, the newly saved files in the newly created WTF folder will make to "click to install" loop to happen again.

Really no idea what to do.

Thank you for your help!
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