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Originally Posted by Rayden42 View Post
Carbonite getpos err:678 Carbonite\Nxmap:lua 9193: In get Function ' GetWorldPos '
Carbonite\NXMap.lua:4273: in Function 'update'
Carbonite\NxMap.lua:3748: in Function

Server is Bloodhoof location is Gilneas Worgen Zone.I can use the little arrow in my minimap to find the quest but as far as my chat window that error is all i have,Used the Carbonite master i downloaded today 11/28/14 at 11 am,

Thanks for all the hard work you guy's are doing.

I am still getting the error above even after deleting carbonite an reinstalling with your lastest update that i got at 250 pm est, so not sure whats going on . o
nly other addon i have running is zygor guides.