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Sorry if I had written something, which could be hostile,

The Problem with 2 or more persons working on parts or not we are beware of, and discuss Possibilities to prevent it at the moment.

English is not my main language, so it could be that some good meant words seems as hostile.

It anoy's me too, with the Problem you can be sure, but problem is most authors have to read more parts of the code at the moment because it is a huge addon and it is overgiven as is from Carbon Based Creations,
under gpl and rythal is out for buisness.

I'm only working on translation parts and help if I Can by Moderation.

Workaround for this bug by my own is that auto tracking is set off and track only Quests I want to do at the moment.
As I know fixed is only that Quests be untracked at Session.

Greetings Samyonair
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