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Hmm thanks for the info on
I can't remember now where I got the code that helped me way back on the first module. So can't explain why it is written this way now.

Aha, this is where I got that code from.

I can't imagine why I used 1 .. unless I thought it meant how many lines per entry. It was a long while ago so that reasoning is foggy I am afraid... anyway I will look over it again and make sure the values are what I expect. Based on my usage it should be something along the lines of :
50 max items in the Data List. 16 or however many it lets me fit into the area I want to use as the display, and 12 as the height of the line. Creating the fontstring should use the display count, update loop should use the display count, but use the list count to know whether I have reached the end of the list.

I don't currently see the connection between your fontstrings and the FauxScrollFrame's items.

The FontString template used in the fontstring creation has a parentKey of List. It is parented to the ScrollFrame ( self.ScrollFrame in the functions ).

However, the problem I was having is that one frame works and the other doesn't even though they are literally copy and paste xml and lua code blocks with just the main frame names and array names changed accordingly.

Maybe the problem is that on the profile list in the options screen I only have 1 item .. maybe that is too few for it to work .. 50,1,12 should have worked regardless of how many I was creating as I only had 1 item to display. But 50,1,12 also allowed me to display 6 items on the screen... so maybe that value isn't set in stone and the items will still display regardless as I have a 1,50 loop being used.

Anyway, thanks again, and I will take another look and maybe setting it to what it should be may solve the problem I am having somehow .. I hate those types of solutions but I can't complain if it does work rofl.
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